Wednesday, January 23, 2013

24 hours in the air

It seems that some regular pattern is developing: at least one leg of the flight towards the fishy destination happens with additional space in the front section of the plane. That came pretty handy, providing some extra space, close to vertical sleeping position, more rest and less trouble with the luggage allowance. After a long night flight we arrived more or less rested or tiered in HKG for the other half of the distance. Last time here we had that unforgettable and funny "downtown-shower-sushi-airport-rush within 3 hours" thanks to our friends.

Tobias cooling his first teath

Funny thing as with rechecked in HKG we were asked if we paid for the luggage. Certainly not, as everything in MUC was ok and the first carrier is in charge of the checked baggage. The original intention of the lady was to charge us, but by pretended ignorance she changed her plan. 

Are there any rules in international flight business concerning luggage that more than one company follows or that are in place more than one year? I would be really interested to hear about. Might be it provides enough content for a PhD?

Friends in HKGHere in HKG our young one made friendship with a group of about thirty Koreans, they got totally crazy about him and he was fascinated by so many new faces. Might we could have traded him for a few tons of Samsung gadgets (remember OJ vs. and iPod RED ; )  )

The next flight section towards AKL with Air NZ was quiet good as well. We got a bassinet bulk head seat row. We found some rest. But we were missing the legendary Jasmine Tee. Seems it was cut due to cost. The two adults were quiet worried about the second half of the trip, but Tobias was highly cooperative. Thus we arrived not too exhausted in AKL. We had to pass the bio security with all the fishing gear including fly tying stuff and the camping tents. Having cleaned everything at home, virgin wading gear and cooperative declaration and explanation lead to absolutely no problem. Be prepared (everything clean and dry, no fruits, declare everything, be cooperative and friendly!) and there will be no problems. 
Next was the regular visit to the Vodafone shop in the airport. This time we chose some kind of wifi-wlan modem allowing us to connect five devices at the same time. Fine, as long as you have mobile coverage at all. This might not be the case at Misty Creek down in Fjordland.

The last short flight AKL towards CHC was a short jump. The first sighting of the South Island (SI) with its northern Part the Farwell Spit was a moment of bliss. Touch down in CHC. We arrived! In relative good shape for that duration of flying around.  

Farewell Spit - the top of SI