Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The ULTIMATE JUNGLE BLAST – Fly Fishing Bolivia and Brazil – September 2016

Where to start to write about my current adventure of South American Jungle Fly Fishing? Starting at the very first preparations a year ago, or with the typical last minute packing rush, or the first decent fish caught, or the heavy thunderstorm we had last night right here at Aqua Negra Lodge at Tsimane Dorado Fishing/ Bolivia?

Let’s start with the last. As it is a good introduction that traveling demands flexibility of your mind. Things might not work out as planed or as dreamed of for the long month before. I will start with the flooding of the river, with the last minute change of plans just in time before we were about to start a two night headwater exploration to a remote creek of the system. We are Chris (my fishing partner from Eugene, Oregon), our guide Luciano and I. All three of us were mega keen to do that headwater camp as fishing up there is said to be awesome as long as you are very fit, fearless and a seasoned fly fisher. 

Last night, four days in the adventure here at Tsimane (Bolivia), after boating down Secure river from Asunta Lodge and arriving at Aqua Negra Lodge, a significant thunderstorm with around three hours of heavy rain hit the whole catchment of Secure river and its tributaries. Not a good situation in the rain forest as rain mostly means a lot of rain. The rain ended around six in the morning but right now around 12 hours later the river is still rising. The peak of flow might be close - hoepfully. All of our group of six could not fish today and we had to postpone our campout tramping plan. Painfully showing that rivers can be blown without mercy and river levels do not consider your selfish fishing plans. Keep fingers crossed that the peak is close and water levels will drop soon...

A day off at the lodge, reading, chatting, relaxing, writing. Fishing would be much more preferred.

Enjoy every day and moment on the river with good water levels; you might not have one the next day!

Tsimane by Untamed – well known for second to none Dorado fishing in the remote jungle and home of the Tsimane natives in Bolivia. After my first visit back in 2012 to Asunta and Pluma lodges a lot changed. Both lodges I visited back then were washed away by huge floods in the last years (nobody was hurt). Floods not even the local Tsimane would have expected. The two camps were rebuild with comfortable tent camps at more secure locations and one new camp/ lodge was added to the destination: Aqua Negra with access to a tributary of Secure. Thus Tsimane venue now provides three different lodges/ camps.

This place is outstanding, unique in a very special way. The fish, the location, the jungle, the setting, the people – just unique! A lot was already written about that place and it is truly magic.

My preparation for that trip started a year ago as an agent I am in contact with since 11 years – Daniel Beilinson - offered me a special hosted trip a year ago and I had instantly to say “Yes I go!”

A couple of month ago the idea came to my mind to combine Tsimane with the new fishing venue of Untamed: Rio Marie in Brazil. A live on board based operation close to the Columbian boarder on a remote tributary of the Amazon in pursuit of Giant Peacock Bass beyond the magical mark of 20lbs.

After some back and force discussion with my Brazilian friend Breno that idea came to birth and was not just an idea but a plan: the ULTIAMET JUNGLE BLAST was born! The combination of two or even three excellent locations in a single trip. For all fly fanatics with more than just two weeks of vacation per year that will be the way of future trips: combination of several top destinations in one trip. If you are about to spoil yourself why shouldn't you add some extra spoil?
With Untamed exactly that is possible.

Some annotation for readers that are not used to my travelogue aka blog. I try to describe fly fishing adventures from my subjective perspective providing honest first-hand information for the interested reader as well as for my private memories. Background information, humorous annotations combined with “do not take anything to serious” but be still critical and reflect.

If you have questions of any kind (tackle, background, booking, advice, …)? Contact me. If you like what you read: share it via social media and tell your fishing buddies!

Happy reading, happy trails and Tight Lines!